Start of new week

Hi all.  Start of a new weekend. Back from the family so can be naked again after a weekend of having to keep my clothes on. Still talk about bad weather it rained all day
Sunday. Watched the Canadian Grand Prix what a race and what a win for Button.
Trying to find some good nudist websites but not having much luck anyone know
of any please let me know.


Day 2

Hi everyone, just got out of bed it’s 2pm.  The joys of working night shifts.  The plan for today if the is such a
thing.  Going to have something to eat in
a mo, then start looking on the internet to see if I can find any nudist places
to go and to try and find some new friends.
I live in London is if anyone here reads this and wants to get in touch
please do.


Why is daytime tv sooo bad.


A little more about me. I have been a nudist for nearly ten
years but mainly at home when alone.  As
I am working away can be nude more, I am also a member of British Naturism, but
still no one knows. Begin single (although I have a partner but because she is
not a nudist I am classed as single) I guess must nudists don’t want the world
to know so don’t like meeting people they don’t know.


Anyone else having these problems??



Hello world!

Hi everyone thanks for coming to my blog. First I have never written one before so it
will get better I hope. I class myself as an unknown nudist which means for me
I am a nudist but don’t have any nudist friends or textile friends who know I
am a nudist. I have a wife and children but again they don’t know. Why have I
not told them is a question I often ask myself. I know my wife would never
become one so I just never have brought the subject up. I work away from home during the week and have
my own flat there so can be naked all the time when I am there.

Right that the boring part out of the way for now. My aim is to no longer be the unknown nudist
but the known nudist. So this will be my journey, I have no idea how long it
will take, what paths I will go down, how it will affect my family, job,
friends. Will I give up or see it through to the bitter end (whatever that will
be) My aim is to reach out to others and hopefully them to me make lots of new
friends and to be proud to live without clothes.